Friday, 15 March 2013

Black Panel Display

The M5's instrument cluster is a combination of dials, fixed lights, and a panel. It is all overlaid with "Black Panel Technology" from BMW, Bayer Material Science, and other partners that uses Marnot XL GU 90 polycarbonate films that has a black, matt, completely homogeneous surface when the displays hidden behind them are not activated.

The lower black are cutting across the speedometer and tachometer is the pixel display. Everywhere else there are the traditional hardwired LED lamps, but because of the black panel technology it is difficult to see them when not lit.

This is the display when lit. the "Park" for example is a standard LED . The big "P" beneath it, and the "Efficient | Comfort | Comfort" under the tachometer are all images created on the small pixel-addressable screen.


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