Thursday, 14 February 2013

First Impressions

My new M5 finally arrived on the weekend! I took some photos.

Here are my impressions after a week of driving it around.

  1. The handling is absolutely amazing. It's on a different level entirely from other cars I have driven. That "M" logo on the steering wheel certainly stands for something.
  2. The power in the car is awesome to experience.
  3. Brakes are no-nonsense. They do a much better job than they appear to from the "lack of drama".
  4. The car is very comfortable and almost all the gadgets work as advertised (including the real-time traffic on the nav). The Blackberry integration for email messages is a bit hit and miss though.
  5. It feels like a big car when parking it.
  6. When driving, it feels big on the inside, but feels lithe and nimble on the outside.
  7. The car has a very different character in "Comfort" settings (the default when it starts up), as opposed to the sportier settings available when you press a pre-programmed "M" button. Turns into an absolute beast in M mode!
  8. I am very happy with my colour and trim selections.
  9. I look forward every single day to driving her!

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